Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018

Ludwig von Bertalanffy :«The Leviathan of organization must not swallow the individual without sealing its own inevitable doom.» (General System Theory, 1968)

Why do we share with you this cumbersome quotation of the father of systemic mindset ?  Just because it concentrates in a nutshell our stakes in consulting business : the corporation at any stage of its life, as a community of people, system engineering and project management supporting an sustainable and efficient growth. Bertalanffy offers us by the same token an nice definition of CSR and business ethics ! The opposite of an abstract and disincarnated approach of business.

2017 was a good achievement : fundraising, diagnostic and strategic analysis for a SME, CSR diagnostic, system engineering consulting for large companies, good partnerships with Setec IPMC and AJR Conseil, as well as Louerunmanager ! We put a lot of articles on line, on this site or  Linkedin . 2018 may bring some unexpected happenings, but CSR-branded anyway.

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